The OTCHouse is a BNB Chain-native DeFi application that leverages existing Open Finance protocols to allow for the bundling of crypto-assets into fully collateralized token NFTs, which is compatible with four separate blockchains and any combination of assets available on those chains. We call them Token NFTs (TNFT).
The most exciting feature OTCHouse offers is it allows for the myriad of tokens available on the market to be locked into NFTs that can be minted, bought and sold for a flat fee of 1% charged to the seller with no slippage - similar to a traditional OTC-based trade, but with the added benefit of long-tail assets.
From an everyday investor wanting to smoothly manage assets within their portfolio and communicate with the vast amount of potential buyers and sellers in the web-3 environment, to institutional-grade asset managers wanting to create secure purchases for their clients in a transparent and trustless way, we see our product as an answer to the unsatisfactory exchange fees and slippage that traders are burdened with under traditional methods of exchange.

How it works:

Much like a traditional OTC market, you can initiate trades using our in-website chatbox and locate buyers and sellers of target assets. Alternatively, if you are a seller, you can mint a Token NFT charged with your token of choice and wait for a buyer to purchase, with the safety of our price-band feature. You set a floor price, which your token NFT will never sell below this amount, choose whether your tokens are to follow the market price, or set it a percentage above or below. If you are a buyer, you can browse our in-site marketplace, where assets are listed in the form of a traditional orderbook. Sellers are also able to copy the URL to their Token NFT and share it anywhere they like.
Last modified 1yr ago