OTCHouse is a standalone decentralized application that facilitates buying and selling of coins and tokens by minted Token NFTs, making it easier for traders to formulate a slippage free exit strategy for a fraction of the transaction prices on an exchange.
However, the power of our product is enhanced with the cooperation of other actors where network effects can be applied. OTCHouse works in close collaboration with BUSTA DEX and has formed a tight-knit troop to facilitate cooperation across a myriad of financial primitives.
BUSTA DEX allows the trading of an ever-expanding list of coin pairs, so that traders have the full gamut of options at their fingertips when it comes to buying and selling assets. Perhaps traders can even blow off a little steam in the games room on BUSTA and still have spare change from money saved on transaction fees that would have been levied should they have traded elsewhere.
This relationship between BUSTA and OTCHouse illustrates a mutually beneficial symbiosis whereby both ecosystems can flourish by leveraging the integration, our community of apes are able to reap the benefits as well.