The OTC Market was coined as the “Pink Sheets” in 1904 when the National Quotation Bureau (NQB) printed an inter-dealer quotation service on pink paper, however, the concept originated with the much older practices throughout human history of bartering and face to face negotiations.
With the advent and proliferation of cryptocurrencies in the last decade, the major form of trade is conducted via either Centralized or Decentralized exchanges, whereby buyers are linked through automatically aligned order books or market makers. While this has been a perfectly legitimate way of conducting trade, a few problems arise - particularly when large orders are placed, where a significant portion of the trade is lost in fees or due to slippage.
To mitigate these downsides, some traders opt to use OTC trading, so impact on market price is not too severe. Additionally, trades can be made with a trusted advisor and is preferable for institutions looking to save on costs or less-experienced retail traders.
At OTCHouse, we saw a gap in the market, and a way to leverage the newly fangled NFT as a means to conduct an OTC trade in a fully-collateralized, transparent way that is verifiable onchain through the innovative use of smart contracts. We hope we can offer an alternative for traders and institutions alike looking to save money and make trades in a simple frictionless environment.