Minting a Token NFT

You are raring to get started, we understand, but how do you mint a TNFT?
The below steps outline how to mint a TNFT for a set sell price.
Follow the steps below and you will see how easy it really is!
When you are on your selected network (there are 4 available) orderbook page. click "MINT NEW" in the top right corner. Alternatively, you can also mint a Token NFT in the bottom right, where your Token NFTs will be accessed for future actions.
On the following page you will be able to select the asset and amount you wish to mint (either a specified amount or the maximum available in your wallet. Make sure you are connected via your wallet to the correct chain. In this case MATIC is selected.
Once an amount is entered the "MINT" button will go from grey to yellow. You are now ready to click MINT.
Two pop-up windows will appear; one notifying you that the transaction is now in progress and the other being your Web 3 wallet asking for confirmation of the transaction.
After checking the transaction particulars in your Web 3 wallet, if you are satisfied, click “CONFIRM” to continue.
Should you have second thoughts, click “REJECT”.
Congratulations you have successfully minted your TNFT. You now have the option to go to the order page to see your TNFT and take further action such as: "LIST", "REDEEM" or "TRANSFER". You also can mint another token on the network you have selected. In this case it would be Polygon.