Redeeming Your Tokens

If you want to redeem the tokens from your Token NFT follow these simple steps below:
First, scroll down and locate your Token NFTs on the bottom right of your console. Click “VIEW” to access a particular TNFT.
You will now need to click on "VIEW" for the TNFT of your choice, you will be presented with a menu of options consisting of; “LIST”, “REDEEM” and “TRANSFER”.
To Redeem your TNFT, simply click “REDEEM”.
N.B. You cannot redeem a listed TNFT, you will be required to delist it first. Please see the "Delisting your TNFT" step-by-step guide.
Two pop-up windows will appear; one notifying you that the transaction is now in progress and the other being your Web 3 wallet asking for confirmation of the transaction.
To proceed with redemption of your T-NFT, after checking through the transaction particulars on your Web 3 wallet, click “CONFIRM” if you are satisfied.
Once completed, you should see a green pop-up notifying you that the transaction succeeded as with the image below.
Once the TNFT has been redeemed you will no longer have an option menu, and instead the console notifies you that the TNFT has been redeemed. The tokens will now be found in your wallet.